ClickAffiliate PRO Multiple



  • A great affiliates script based on a mySQL database for improved reliability and click efficiency.
  • Based on mySQL database (an automatic install script is provided!)
    Manages 3 affiliation methods:

    • pay-per-click
    • pay-per-sale
    • pay-pre-lead
  • Includes a referral system for new members
    Paypal IPN support for Paypal shoping cart and recurrent commissions.
  • Includes a 2tier system up to 5 levels for clicks, sales and leads!
    International support: easily translate 1 file and define the local currency
  • Affiliates login area (for stats and earnings)
  • Unique affiliates URL’s management tool (anti-fraud!)
  • Powerfull Anti-fraud systems (IP check, cookie check, click URL origin check)
  • Raw clicks IP and incoming URL log list by affiliate to track cheaters!
  • Sales log management: You can easily revert commissions on aborted sales!
  • MULTIPLE INDEPENDENT AFFILIATE PROGRAMS to propose to your affiliate members

Administration area:

  • manage affiliates
  • search affiliates (per clicks, keyword, earnings…)
  • manage URL’s
  • manage click logs
  • manage sales
  • revert commissions on canceled sales
  • manually credit single prizes or commissions to affiliates [New]
  • pay affiliates (bulk or single)
  • Search and clean inactive affiliates
  • contact all affiliates
  • customize affiliate area layout
  • Manage affiliate programs details: links, commission rates, earning plans, etc.

System requirement:

  • UNIX
  • Window NT/2000 with mySQL
  • Uses SENDMAIL (Unix) or SMTP socket email for NT!

Free Updates for 1 year and unlimited email support:

Demo Screens:

Administration area

  • admin menu
  • admin user listing
  • admin user details
  • admin member URL list
  • admin sales list

Affiliate area

  • admin payments
  • member main menu
  • member stats display
  • member URL management
  • member edit data form

Some Web Sites using ClickAffiliate PRO:

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Call-Sys (United Arab Emirates) (United Arab Emirates) (United Arab Emirates)
CandleStickShop (USA) (USA)
Big Bucks (USA) (USA)
Cyberlation – Translations (Portugal) (USA) (USA) (Russia) (Norway)
and more…