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– 10 october 2004 – Corrected security bug in admin.cgi
– 06 october 2004 – Added Business Name to affiliates records.
– 29 september 2004 – Bugs corrected and Paypal IPN add-on intergated. Now works with IPN to track paypal payments, which is particularly interesting for recurrent commissions and paypal shopping cart.
– 15 september 2004 – Bugs corrected in several files. If you use leads and/or 2tier features, please download this release and replace files.
– 19 june 2003 – Bug corrected in lead.lib. If you use leads features, please download this release and replace files.
– 29 april 2003 – Added new admin feature: you can define now if you authorize or not multiple commissions to affiliates for multiple client orders.
– 28 april 2003 – Added new admin feature: manually credit single commissions to affiliates. Admin BUG corrected: ocassional error on refunding 2tier sale commissions corrected.
– 25 march 2003 – Added new admin feature: affiliate email added to the pay listing. This helps you pay by paypal or paystorm..
– 23 july 2002 – Added feature: Search and clean inactive affiliates
– 15 june 2002 – DATABASE design optimized (indexes added). Admin.cgi mySQL queries where also optimized for accelerated execution.
– 24 february 2002 – $check_url_ref option added. This allows to define if click.cgi has to check for the URL origin or not. This was always by default before, but if you want to use mailing lists, this option has to be disable.
– 14 february 2002 – several bugs corrected: Improved leads tracking. Added leads to the sales log menu in admin.cgi .
– 18 december 2001 – 2tier improved: know works with up to 5 levels for clicks, sales and leads!
– 12 december 2001 – Added the hability to disable URL validation on clicks (config.cgi and click.cgi).
– 04 december 2001 – login bug corrected in stats.cgi
– 27 november 2001 – Bugs corrected into referral.cgi, signup.cgi. Also included the click2.cgi script for 2 step clicks.
– 23 november 2001 – Minor bug in admin.cgi corrected (number of affiliates coount)
– 22 november 2001 – Admin.cgi bug corrected (remove affiliate)
– 13 november 2001 – Bug corrected in the password reminder script.
– 12 november 2001 – bugs corrected on the sale commission tracking system
– 09 november 2001 – Small bug fix on admin.cgi
– 07 november 2001 – Major Bug fixes (changes in config.cgi, click.cgi, admin.cgi, stats.cgi, salecommission.lib, lead.lib)
– 29 october 2001 – First Release