This collection of scripts will assist you to start and manage an affiliates program for your site! Just put the files on your server and start receiving visits!

Affiliates link to you and earn by unique clicks they generated.
Example of link:

You define the amounts of clicks to pay as well the pay-per-click rate.
The script can handle any currency that you define to calculate payments.

Demo (screen shots that open in new windows):

  • member stats display DEMO
  • admin menu DEMO
  • admin user listing DEMO
  • admin send member message interface DEMO


  • Redirect link for affiliates with clicks saving. (ex:
  • Be notified each time you have a new affiliate
  • 2 protection levels against “click abuse” by IP domain check and cookies. This avoids affiliate cheat-click.
  • OPTIONAL 2 page clicks with a click confirmation page.
  • Sign-up for new affiliate members and email your new affiliate their code. Only valid email addresses receive the automatically generated password.
  • Stats access for your affiliates members (click-through, payments, etc) + form to change their account details
  • Admin interface to keep track of members (name, e-mails, clicks, etc.
  • No limit in affiliates registrations (not flat text database)
  • Search for users by keyword
  • Page listing broken into pages
  • Raw clicks IP and incoming URL log list by affiliate to track cheaters!
  • Assists you in payments by batch processing of members awaiting payment and printing labels for envelopes
  • Payments are recorded on each member log, but the script does not make any monetary transaction. You have to issue payments manually from the list given by the script.
  • Allows you to send messages to all of your affiliates (mailing list)
  • Uses SENDMAIL (Unix) or SMTP socket email for NT!
  • Pay once and download all future upgrades for free!

Works on UNIX and Windows NT.

Files provided:
Download 1 ZIP file containing:

  • click.cgi (redirection script)
  • click-NT.cgi (redirection script for windows NT)
  • signup.cgi (sign-up script)
  • stats.cgi (Stats script for members)
  • admin.cgi (administration script for the webmaster)
  • config.cgi (all-in-one configuration file)
  • cookie.lib
  • docs.txt (help to use the scripts)
  • upgrade.txt (help on upgrading from v.1)
  • footer HTML file template
  • header HTML file template
  • Stats enter HTML template file
  • Affiliates OK HTML template file (sign-up thanks page)
  • members.txt
  • log.txt
  • clicks.txt

Some Web Sites using ClickAffiliate:
(if you want to be included in this list, please e-mail us)

  • GoUSATravel (USA)
  • (USA)
  • Tom Pyles Music Resource (USA)
  • Connect at 50 Plus! (USA)
  • TVclick of CVP Interactive TV (USA)
  • (USA)
  • ClickandCash (USA)
  • Subscription Service (USA)
  • Les Concours (France)
  • VeoClicks (USA)
  • Coin-Op Classifieds (USA)
  • BusyCooks (USA)
  • (USA)
  • and more!

Download Area

When purchasing ClickAffiliate, you will be able to download all future upgrades for free. Keep the ClickBank or PayPal receipt number in a safe place, it will identify you in the future.

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Need an install service? Script Customization?
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Customer Login

If you have lost it, please send me an email, with informations about the script you purchased, date, URL of use, name and email used on purchase.


7 march 2001: A minor improvement as you can now define if you want to be notified for each new affiliate signup.

30 september 2000: SMTP email support for NT servers.

28 June 2000: Cookies time range now defined in days, to avoid manual updates.

15 June 2000: Listing is now broken into pages to avoid stall from big lists.

01 June 2000: Automatically generated password on sign-up sent by email. This way only valid email addresses receive the password.

30 April 2000: Admin now gives raw clicks IP and URL logs directly, no need to see it by FTP anymore. small bug fixed on click.cgi.

27 April 2000 : NEW Release! VERSION 2.0…This new version is more powerfull because it changes the way affiliate log are processed. Now each member as 1 file instead of being saved in a flat text database. This allows a better response on simultaneous clicks from several affiliates. Also avoids slow down on big affiliate lists. Now there are no limits on affiliates . I highly recommend the upgrade, a converter and instructions are included to convert log files into the new version system. Refering click URL is now also saved on clicks.txt to better catch cheaters.

25 feb 2000 : New Admin.cgi ! Keyword search added. Also a raw-click log of IP numbers by affiliate is performed and easily accessed from the admin menu to track cheaters. Very helpfull. Just replace admin.cgi by the new one and add clicks.txt file to your cgi-bin folder.

14 feb 2000 : 2 last IP numbers are now recorded to prevent “ping-pong” between 2 computers while keeping fast redirection. Replace click.cgi by the new one. For Windows NT there is now a separate click-NT.cgi file to use instead of click.cgi.

05 feb 2000 : a small bug fixed that caused a log.txt duplication on some occasions. Download new release and replace your click.cgi by the new one!

20 jan 2000:log file saved more securely ! If you downloaded before 12 jan 2000, you must upgrade!

This version generates also a log backup and sends a mail to webmaster when an error occurs on the log. This allows quick replacement of the bad log by the backup.

Basically, you have to replace click.cgi file by the new one. Add the log_back.txt file to cgi folder (and chmod it to 777) and add some lines to the config.cgi file (find those lines on the new config.cgi file).

ClickAffiliate Add-ons!

Password Reminder add-on
For 15 $USD add a password reminder system to your clickaffiliate program. Members can by giving their e-mail receive login password and ID.

Backup System add-on
For 15 $USD add a backup system to your ClickAffiliate, ClickAffiliate PLUS or BannerAffiliate program.

Refering new members add-on
For 15 $USD add a new member refering system to your clickaffiliate program. Members will receive a defined amount of extra clicks each time a new member sign up being refered by the affiliate.

TOP referrals ranking add-on
For 25 $USD add a TOP referrals Ranking list. This will give more credibility to your affiliate program and give your members a new visibility.