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When purchasing ComAffiliate, you will be able to download all future upgrades for free. Keep the ClickBank or PayPal receipt number in a safe place, it will identify you in the future.

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20 march 2002: State added to registration form.

10 march 2001: Sales log is now accessible from the admin main menu..

7 march 2001: A minor improvement as you can now define if you want to be notified for each new affiliate signup.

30 september 2000: SMTP email support for NT servers.

27 July 2000: ComAffiliate can now be invoqued by IMG TAG procedure, very easy to insert into your thanks page!

2 July 2000: New log file that records all refered sales to easy follow members activity (sales.txt).

28 June 2000: Cookies time range now defined in days, to avoid manual updates.