Pay-per-Click based Affiliate Program Scripts

ClickAffiliate PRO

A very powerfull ALL-IN-ONE affiliation script based on a mySQL database server. It handles PPC (pay-per-click), PPS (pay-per-sale) and PPL (pay-per-lead) methods! It handles also 2 tier commissions (2 levels)!

Specially designed for high traffic affiliate programs. Provides superior reliability.

ClickAffiliate Plus

Same as ClickAffiliate but including referring add-on (pay for new members sign-ups).
PLUS a commission system to pay your affiliates for each sale they promote!
Designed for high traffic affiliate programs.


A very easy to use pay-per-click affiliate program Perl script. It allows you to track affiliates click-throughs, easily helps to process payments and contact members. It is also easy to catch cheaters.


Run a Pay-per-click Banner Network! in a simple way.
Requires WebAdvert Script for banner rotation.
Specially designed for high traffic affiliate programs.

  • Pay once and keep downloading all future upgrades for free!
  • After payment you will get access to download page.
  • Secure credit card payment provided by ClickBank!

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