Bluetooth vs Hifi, the devil you know or the new kid on the block?

Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth speakers have been around for a while now, you probably have fond memories of a garden party with music blaring from a tiny Bluetooth speaker. It was part of the charm, I suppose, to see how close you and your friends could come to a grumpy choir of moans as the host’s phone rings and the music stops playing. With technology advancing with leaps and bounds, do we still have to settle for the grumpy choir? The alternative is Wifi speakers, with Sonos leading the market. There are definite pros and cons to either Bluetooth or Wifi speakers.

For a true music connoisseur, the first question is always “how is the sound quality?”. The nature of a Bluetooth set forces files to be compressed before being sent from the device to the speaker. Newer Bluetooth technology allows for a cleaner sound, but both the sending unit and the speaker has to have the same versions installed to make a difference. With Wifi, files can be sent as is, without any compression or distortion. In this regard, Wifi wins the comparison.

The next factor to consider is availability and price. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of Bluetooth speakers available on the market. Unfortunately, this also means that there are tons of products that aren’t necessarily the best quality, but relatively cheap. Wifi speakers are a newer generation tech, meaning there aren’t as many options, but, generally the options are of a better quality. Unfortunately, you pay a little more for the quality. If you’re starving for choice and operating on a budget, Bluetooth wins this category. If you have the cash to spend and time for research, Wifi is the better choice.

Another factor is ease of connection. As stated above, almost everyone has a Bluetooth device of some sort. This means that everyone can connect to a Bluetooth speaker and stream their music from their device. On the other side of the coin, with Wifi it’s a bit more complicated to connect to your friend’s Wifi speaker. More complicated, but not impossible. With Bluetooth, there is always the possibility of creating the grumpy choir when your phone acts like a phone and receives communication. Just think of how many emails, messages and phone calls you’ve received the past hour. That would be the number of times your music would’ve been interrupted. The stability of Wifi, makes Wifi the winner here.

At the end of the day Technology is there to make your life easier, and you’ll need to determine what option fits into your life better.