Nest vs. Arlo

arlo vs nest

The differences between Nest vs Arlo are evident in several ways. This article will help you see some those
differences for real.

Operating Temperature:

When talking about operating temperature, the Arlo cameras have proven to be stronger and powerful than their counterpart Nest. Normally, Arlo Pro cameras will operate for up to one hundred and thirteen degrees, while Nest maintains only 104. If you are living in a geographical location below 110 degrees, Arlo Pro cameras will always function properly.

Base Station Siren:

The siren feature is another great difference between Nest vs Arlo. With Arlo Pro cameras, siren is a common feature. For every Arlo camera, you will discover over hundred decibel speaker with siren. This siren can be regulated remotely by triggered motion or mobile application. Nest cameras do not have any feature relating to siren.

Wired Vs Wireless:

Next remains a wired outdoor security camera that can be used in the exterior parts of your home. With Arlo, you will always enjoy the wireless connection. This wireless connection feature of Arlo gives it an advantage over Nest. Installing the Nest wired connection may be slightly difficult. For Arlo Pro cameras, you will not experience any difficulties in installing the wireless connection. Another thing to know is that Arlo wireless connection will always deliver faster results in an ephemeral of time.

Better Alerts:

When talking about alerts, Arlo Pro cameras have been proven to be better. While Nest has alert features, it can be difficult to differentiate between both false and true alerts. This makes it difficult to use Nest cameras with convenience. In the case of an Arlo Pro camera, you will always get better alerts.

Video Storage:

Nest cameras will only provide buyers with just 3 hours free footage. Users will have to pay an additional ten dollars monthly if they want more footage. It is important to know that ten dollars will also be used for only 10 days in a month. If you want footage for one month, then simply pay an extra thirty dollars. Arlo Pro cameras will provide you with 7 days free footage. Without any scintilla of doubt, it is unequivocal that Arlo Pro cameras stand better chance for video storage than Nest. Another great advantage of Arlo cameras is that you have the opportunity to also back up your footage. This can be done by adding your exterior hard drive device. This will help to boost your video storage benefit.